Month: January 2014

An Insight On The Working Of Panel Boards

Panel boards, also known as distribution boards is a constituent of an electricity supply system that splits an electronic power feed into the subsidiary circuits, whilst offering a defensive fuse or circuit breaker for every circuit, in a general enclosure. Generally, a main switch, and in latest boards, one or more Residual Current Breakers or Residual-current devices (RCD) with Over current protection (RCBO), will also be included.

Panel Boards

This new invention of panel board product symbolizes the high level of engineering innovation expected from Siemens. With strength and flexibility added to the offered durable and rugged panel board family, panel boards are very easy for installment. These newer designs also simplify wiring and lessen material demands and requirement, thereby, helps in saving additional installation time.

Panel boards are designed for meeting the needs of any type of electrical distribution system.  Lighting, Receptacle and Distribution electric panel board are custom engineered products which are designed for meeting specific customer needs.




New Trends In Switch Boards

Bygone are the days when switch boards where used to be of white and off-white colors. Now, the market is witnessing a new wave of switch board designs. Both the online and offline market consists of a series of designer switch boards which could be availed in wide range of colors. Based upon the color theme of your room, shop, restaurant, bathroom, lobby, and portico one could select the favorite switch board colors and designs. They could easily blend with the color theme of the area where they are needed to install in.

switchboardsSwitch boards are a frame which consists of operating switches of all the lighting and bulb of specific area. It could be of fiber, plastic, wooden material; and one could select them as per his/her choice. It is these switch board which could even increase the beauty and charm of the house, as they are now used as a decorating item for the house.

A Technical Insight On Switch Boards

An electrical switchboard is a device which directs electricity from one source to other. It is a congregation of panels, each of that includes switches which lets electricity to be redirected. The function of a switchboard is to separate the major current offered to the switchboard into minor currents for additional distribution and for providing current protection, switching and metering for a variety of currents. Generally, switchboards allocate power to transformers, control equipment, panelboards, and eventually to system loads.

Switch Boards

Modern switchboards are metal enfold and of “dead front” construction; no energized parts are available as the panels and covers are closed. Previously, open switchboards were prepared with switches and other devices were escalated on panels, which are made of granite, slate, or ebony asbestos board. The metal field of the switchboard is connected to earth ground for the defense of workers. Large switch boards might be free-standing floor-mounted fields with condition for incoming associations at either the bottom or of the enclosure.