Month: August 2014

Siemens circuit breaker – The world leader in electric and electronic segment

Siemen, the most trusted and reputed name in electricity and electronics domains: Siemens is a leading multinational in electrical and electronic engineering. One example of this giant’s product is the circuit breaker which it manufactures using high-end technology and available to customers globally at very economical and affordable price tag. The combination of arc-quenching principle and operating mechanism like the ‘self-compression principle with stored energy spring mechanism’ and ‘puffertype with hydraulic mechanism are used depending on the application and the voltage level. Siemens is the most trusted and reputed name in its segment and its products are of the highest standards irrespective of the different climate zones. The reliability and ‘life’ of the company’s products are recognized the world over and highly relied and trusted upon. The company is known for its wide range of high quality products such as siemens circuit breaker.

siemens circuit breaker

The range of products: Products such as the vacuum circuit breaker, compact circuit breaker, frame breaker, miniature circuit breaker and molded case breaker are its top selling ones. These are used for different purposes such as in scorching tubs and spa. Apart from that, the company has made recalls in 1998 and 2010 because of issues with its products. This proves the commitment of the electricity giant to have only the best of products in the market. So, Siemens continues to be the world leader in the field of electric and electronic equipments, devices and gadgets. It is the most respected and trustworthy name in the world of electrician enterprises and among Fortune 500 companies. A very important and crucial part of Siemens is the Siemens AG, which controls the IA & DT or the Siemens Industry Automation and Drive Technology Group. In some parts of the world, the IA & DT is the base or the root of the company. It is crucial to the company’s building electrical installation field providing initiative, applications, manufacturing automation, process automation, services, high quality and reliable products. This multinational is committed to supplying only the best of electric and electronic products worldwide.



Electrical panelboard for solving all electrical problems in a campus

panel boards

Know your electrical panelboard: You might wonder what is a panelboard device. It is an electrical service panel is that equipment which distributes electricity to different parts of your house. This is the device which is switched off whenever there is any natural disaster, large electrical event, thunderstorm, snowstorm, hail, etc. This is the device which is responsible for supplying current to the various electrical and electronic components in your house. So it is very important or rather crucial to know what it is, what it does and where it is located in your house. You must be familiar with the electrical panelboard as it is responsible for the key function of your house that is electricity supply. Knowing the location, purpose and operation of the equipment is crucial because in that case only you would know when to go for your electrical mains supply and what to do and how. The wrong circuit breaker could be hazardous so it is a must that you know the exact circuit breaker. Any wrong move can spell disaster and so, it is of utmost importance that you know the correct procedure.

Operating the panelboard: You must be prepared and armed with knowledge in case of any emergency which can otherwise, be lethal. Generally the electric panel is located in the basement or the back room or any other ‘separated’ or ‘distant’ area of your house. So you need to rust to the panel as soon as there is any natural disaster beginning to take place. On opening up the panel door, you would see the circuit breaker which needs to be put off to prevent damage or harm to the electric circuitry of your house. This equipment is also known as the breaker box because it contains all the circuit breakers of the house at single place and is a one-point place for addressing all electrical short circuiting problems.

Distribution substation for controlling electricity supply to a region

distribution substation

Lowering of the voltage: The electricity generated at the power plants is extremely high and hazardous for direct supply. It is not at all fit for supply to commercial places, leave apart private places such as homes. In case there is direct supply of electricity from the power houses to homes, all the electric points would burn out. That is why the distribution substation does the work of a controller. It receives the power supply from the power plants and lowers the voltage for low level usage, such as home, shops, etc. The substation lowers the voltage to an extent that it can be used at places of low electricity-usage such as homes and small scale business establishments. Moreover, it is responsible for controlling the supply of electricity in the network under it. The work of a substation is to maintain appropriate levels of electric supply and ensure that there is no problem or issues with the electricity network.

The role of power transformer: It is the distribution system’s work that there is no fault in the flow of electric current falling in its region  or area. It ensures that there is seamless and fault free electricity supply and the voltage is under control. In fact, the exact equipment or device  which is responsible for the work is the power transformer. To be precise, it is the work of the power transformer to convert the electricity received from the power plants to low voltage levels or high voltage levels and also to stop the falling current. So the power transformer raises or reduces the voltage of the electricity received from the power generation plants to appropriate levels. Moreover, the work of the substation is to ensure fault free power supply to the region falling under it. It regulates and monitors the power supply in its region and rectifies or corrects if there is any issue relating to the malfunctioning or breakdown of the electric flow system anywhere in the entire network.