Electrical panelboard for solving all electrical problems in a campus

panel boards

Know your electrical panelboard: You might wonder what is a panelboard device. It is an electrical service panel is that equipment which distributes electricity to different parts of your house. This is the device which is switched off whenever there is any natural disaster, large electrical event, thunderstorm, snowstorm, hail, etc. This is the device which is responsible for supplying current to the various electrical and electronic components in your house. So it is very important or rather crucial to know what it is, what it does and where it is located in your house. You must be familiar with the electrical panelboard as it is responsible for the key function of your house that is electricity supply. Knowing the location, purpose and operation of the equipment is crucial because in that case only you would know when to go for your electrical mains supply and what to do and how. The wrong circuit breaker could be hazardous so it is a must that you know the exact circuit breaker. Any wrong move can spell disaster and so, it is of utmost importance that you know the correct procedure.

Operating the panelboard: You must be prepared and armed with knowledge in case of any emergency which can otherwise, be lethal. Generally the electric panel is located in the basement or the back room or any other ‘separated’ or ‘distant’ area of your house. So you need to rust to the panel as soon as there is any natural disaster beginning to take place. On opening up the panel door, you would see the circuit breaker which needs to be put off to prevent damage or harm to the electric circuitry of your house. This equipment is also known as the breaker box because it contains all the circuit breakers of the house at single place and is a one-point place for addressing all electrical short circuiting problems.

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