Siemens Circuit Breaker

Siemens Circuit Breaker: Its Operation And Functionality

siemens circuit breaker

The basic function of an electrical circuit breaker is to offer opening and closing the current carrying contacts. Though, it seems to be very easy. However we must remember, that, one circuit breaker remains at its closed location for maximum period of its life. It is rarely required to function a circuit breaker for opening and closing its contacts. Thus, circuit breaker operation should be very reliable without any delay. For attaining this reliability, the circuit breaker operating instrument becomes more complex than it was first considered.

Opening and closing distance, and stroke between the contacts and speed of moving contacts throughout operation, is the most vital parameters to be considered in designing circuit breaker. Their velocity, traveling distance of moving contacts and contact gap are decided by kinds of arc quenching medium, voltage and current rating of the circuit breaker.

Siemens circuit breaker Opening Operation Prerequisite

Siemens circuit breaker is desired to be at open location as quick as possible. It is because of the restricting contacts erosion and to disrupt the faulty current as speedily as possible. However, total travel distance of the moving contact is not decided only by the requirement of interruption of faulty current, although rather the contacts gap required for withstanding the lightning impulse voltage and normal dielectric stresses appears across the contacts when the CB is at open location.

The requirement for carrying the constant current and for enduring a period of arc in circuit breaker, make it essential to be used for two sets of contacts in parallel. One is the primary contact which is always made up of high conductive materials like copper and the other is arcing contact that is made up of arc resistance materials like molybdenum or tungsten, which has much lower conductivity than the primary contacts. Throughout opening circuit breaker operation, the basic contacts open before the arcing contacts.

Siemens circuit breaker – The world leader in electric and electronic segment

Siemen, the most trusted and reputed name in electricity and electronics domains: Siemens is a leading multinational in electrical and electronic engineering. One example of this giant’s product is the circuit breaker which it manufactures using high-end technology and available to customers globally at very economical and affordable price tag. The combination of arc-quenching principle and operating mechanism like the ‘self-compression principle with stored energy spring mechanism’ and ‘puffertype with hydraulic mechanism are used depending on the application and the voltage level. Siemens is the most trusted and reputed name in its segment and its products are of the highest standards irrespective of the different climate zones. The reliability and ‘life’ of the company’s products are recognized the world over and highly relied and trusted upon. The company is known for its wide range of high quality products such as siemens circuit breaker.

siemens circuit breaker

The range of products: Products such as the vacuum circuit breaker, compact circuit breaker, frame breaker, miniature circuit breaker and molded case breaker are its top selling ones. These are used for different purposes such as in scorching tubs and spa. Apart from that, the company has made recalls in 1998 and 2010 because of issues with its products. This proves the commitment of the electricity giant to have only the best of products in the market. So, Siemens continues to be the world leader in the field of electric and electronic equipments, devices and gadgets. It is the most respected and trustworthy name in the world of electrician enterprises and among Fortune 500 companies. A very important and crucial part of Siemens is the Siemens AG, which controls the IA & DT or the Siemens Industry Automation and Drive Technology Group. In some parts of the world, the IA & DT is the base or the root of the company. It is crucial to the company’s building electrical installation field providing initiative, applications, manufacturing automation, process automation, services, high quality and reliable products. This multinational is committed to supplying only the best of electric and electronic products worldwide.


Siemens Circuit Breaker: Facts You Were Unaware Of

siemens circuit breaker

Circuit Breakers are devices which stop the electrical current of the circuit in the occurrence of excessive or extremely high voltage. Circuit breakers are useful, not only as they could defend against the electrical fires although also because they could be reset. While fuse blows out, it should be replaced every time, while circuit breakers are simply reset when tripped.

Every appliance in the home receives electrical currents by method of electrical circuit breakers. Circuit breakers are measured to be either individual or main. The major circuit breaker manipulates power to the entire house whilst individual circuit breakers pass on power to the individual appliances.

Electrical circuit breakers are perhaps the most important security facet in the building. A circuit breaker computes the amount of heat formed by the current or by the magnetic field produced by the small coil in the breaker. While the current develops into too high, the breaker would cut off the circuit for stopping it. Fuses provide the same function although could only be used just once. Anybody who has blown a fuse could tell that it is much easier to have circuit breakers.

Siemens Circuit Breaker are also helpful for shutting down power to the whole house. If one requires doing some electrical maintenance, any for the entire arrangement or individual electric wires, closing down the main breaker could be a safety tool. Though electrical waves are unseen, we all know they have great probable danger. One must label every individual electrical circuit breaker thus it is simply available for future usage.

DC circuit breakers or Direct current are generally used in automobiles. DC circuit breakers, distinct to alternate current or AC breakers, only carry currents in one direction. These kinds of circuit breakers are a renewable energy delivery source, plus special precautions must be taken while using them.